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Toyota Commuter

toyota commuter Hire

Do you want to keep your passengers happy? Think of a Toyota passenger bus. Whether you're taking them on a short or long trip, your passengers will enjoy generous legroom, large windows and very comfortable seats. You will also appreciate the safety features with the HiAce system that comes with driver and front passenger SRS airbags in each model. And the coaster comes with the addition of 3-point type seat belts with emergency locking retractor (ELR), for all passengers, so now they are even safer. There are also features that only you will appreciate: low running costs and minimal downtime due to Toyota's reliability and durability.

We have thought more about the comfort of the driver. Because if you spend all day behind the wheel of a bus or van, comfort is of the utmost importance.

You will find sedan-like comfort on the HiAce Commuter, while the coaster comes with an adjustable driver hub seat with lumbar support. So, whether you are a club or school, nursing home cared for or something in between, if you need to transport a lot of passengers regularly, Toyota has a range of commuter vehicles that combine comfort, economy And durability. Take a look above, you will find a bus that will meet your transportation needs.

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